Offshore Wind - Greater New Orleans

Greater New Orleans is the smart solution for the Offshore Wind industry.

At the epicenter of the US offshore maritime sector, coastal Louisiana provides OSW manufacturers with a highly specialized workforce, superior assets, and competitive business environment.

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Louisiana welcomes the Offshore Wind Industry

Greater New Orleans is already a key contributor to the global offshore wind industry. At NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility, LM Wind Power continues to conduct cutting-edge research in wind blade engineering and materials, including on its massive 107m blade – picture a blade the length of the Saints pitch, post-to-post. At the former Avondale shipyard, a new visionary ownership team, Avondale Marine, is investing millions in new upgrades to transform the site into a fully integrated wind energy manufacturing and logistics hub. And in downtown New Orleans, our brightest engineering minds continue to design the physical structures that underpin the industry.

Wind Energy Potential

Louisiana ranks 4th among all US states in net technical potential for OSW energy.

The combination of shallow waters and moderate wind speeds places Louisiana fourth in net technical energy potential.

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A 70-year legacy in offshore maritime work rooted in safety and innovation.

Louisiana workers have built and operated one of the most expansive offshore platform networks in the world. From specialized jacket fabrication to conceptual engineering, coastal Louisiana has the talent and experience to complete any offshore work.


Climate Initiative

Louisiana committed to expanded energy usage

October 21, 2020 marked a historic day for Louisiana. To realize its full energy potential, Governor John Bel Edwards initiated the process to explore the wind energy potential in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Available Assistance

GNO, Inc. is dedicated to helping companies do business in Greater New Orleans. Our team will work with your company through every step of the process to open an office in this unbelievable market.


We're happy to help coordinate meetings with Louisiana Economic Development to discuss business incentives that you may qualify for.


GNO, Inc. and LED will work hand in hand with your company's leadership to showcase and narrow down local real estate options for you.


Once here, we'll introduce you to education & training leaders to help with developing new curriculum and recruit your local workforce.


GNO, Inc. will help you understand the advantages of operating in the region through customized economic research and market reports.


Leadership from your company will have a chance participate in Quality of Life Tours to become familiar with local neighborhoods & communities.


"Our team in New Orleans has designed and developed the world’s most innovative and powerful rotors in the world."

James Martin, Director of Blade Platform Deployment at LM Wind Power

“We already have an emerging offshore wind energy industry, and Louisiana’s offshore oil and gas industry has played a key role in the early development of U.S. offshore wind energy in the Atlantic Ocean”

John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana

"Some of the state’s offshore oil and gas service-providers have already played a key role in the early development of offshore wind projects off the East Coast, so it makes plenty of sense to pursue that renewable energy source and the associated economic benefits.”

Don Pierson, Secretary of Louisiana Economic Development

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